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About Brandon

Brandon James Mitchner age 22 was born May 27, 1992 to the parents of Steven Sr., and Shirley Mitchner, Brandon was the youngest of six children. He has two older brothers, Rodney II, Steven Jr., and three sisters, Bianca, Brianna and RaShawn. Brandon graduated from Grand Ledge High School. He obtained his Associates Degree in Marketing/Business from Lansing Community College.

Brandon always wanted to own his own business. He didn’t think he could work a  8 to 5 job. He wanted to be his own boss. Brandon started a business and had a partner, selling athletic clothing. He wanted the business to become very big, where his merchandise would be sold all over the world. The name of the business is M.I.Y.M. means Make It Your Mission to do the right thing. He wants everyone to succeed in life. He wants everyone to be honest, make something out of their life  and to be an assets to society and stay out of trouble. He worked hard for his business and worked another job  and attended college. Yes he still made time to socialize only on the weekend.


Brandon did not listen to comments on what people said about other people. He made his on judgement. He trusted people until the person did him wrong.

Brandon trusted the wrong people. On June 28, 2014 he was left to die in the Lansing Grandriver by his ex-business partner and several other young men. Either Brandon was  pushed or he fell in the rive. The boys did not seek any help, yell, or call 911. They left him there until eleven hours later the ex-business partner got on facebook stating Brandon was missing and had anyone seen Brandon. He knew exactly where he left him at. As of today no arrest have been made.

Six years later his mother, Shirley Mitchner decided to take his business and do her best to make it successful. She knew it was something her son would have wanted, She took Brandon ‘s vision and is trying to make it even bigger. To honor Brandon and keep his memory alive, she is offering several scholarships and giving to shelters. This is the type of person Brandon was; kind, generous, protector, friendly, happy, helpful and most of all a son, a brother, a uncle, a nephew, a cousin and a good friend.

Please join me in helping to make Brandon’s business successful. Thank you all for your support, it is deeply appreciated.

Shirley Mitchner

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